Case Study Competition Work Time

1:00 P.M. – 3:15 P.M.

Accompanied by an OU business student mentor, you will work in a small team of competition participants to collaborate on a case study competition. This interactive activity will assess your interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and ability to grasp and apply your understanding of the basic foundations of business.

To prepare for this portion, please read the case study about potential business opportunities in the African country of Ethiopia that was sent to you via email. We encourage you to prepare notes with initial recommendations for each of the firms discussed in the study. Your notes will not be submitted or graded, but they will be very helpful on the day of the competition when you use them with your team. You will work in a team on the day of your scholarship competition to discuss, debate, and refine your recommendations. Please note that you cannot share the business case, as it is protected by copyright laws.

You will be notified of your group assignment the day of the event.

Join your case study group:

  1. Group 1 with Ethan Hawkland and Monte Hahn
  2. Group 2 with Katie Brewster and Tyson Quander
  3. Group 3 with Giuliana Cardoza and Alivia Mattiace
  4. Group 4 with Autumn Johnson and Christian Smith
  5. Group 5 with Kristian Willingham and Rebecca Guillen Zarate
  6. Group 6 with Tucker Hammonds and Roi Levi
  7. Group 7 with Rachel Roller and Malisa Reichard
  8. Group 8 with Debbie Aiken and Josiah Butler
  9. Group 9 with Kellie Butler and Bess Moore
  10. Group 10 with Caitlin Douglas and Nour Meselhi
  11. Group 11 with Whitney Lewis and Tyler Rover
  12. Group 12 with Beth Concepcion and Maria Berroa

3:15 – 3:55 P.M.

When the work time is done at 3:15 p.m., teams will stay in their individual Zoom rooms, and the judges will visit each room to conduct a 10-minute Q&A. Admission staff will host activities for each group while waiting for their turn with the judges. It is vital that teams do NOT use this down-time to continue working on the case.