HSB Student Presentations

10:20 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

Though these presentations are individual, student attendees will be divided randomly into three groups and notified of their group on the day of the event.

To prepare for this portion, choose an article from a reputable news source that pertains to current business issue and is of interest to you. On the day of the competition, be prepared to give a brief presentation of 2-3 minutes on an article featuring a current business issue. (Note that we will have to cut you off at the 3-minute mark!) Your presentation should briefly summarize, analyze, and give commentary on the content of the article. This commentary can discuss why the business issue interests you, examine a detail you found striking, establish a connection to other news stories in business, or discuss the larger implications of the topic. You are encouraged to find a unique story or add novel analysis to a more widely known story/business issue. You will be evaluated on the quality of your article selection as well as your presentation itself. No visual presentation (Power Point, Prezi, etc.) is allowed.

Group A

Host: Dr. John Nardo. Judges: Dr. James Goodenberger, Mr. John Casey, Dr. Kipling Pirkle. Facilitator: Debbie Aiken.

Group B

Host Dr. Beth Concepcion. Judges: Dr. David NasserDr. Frank Pampush, Ms. Samantha Sick, Facilitator: Ethan Hawkland.

Group C

Host: Mr. Eli Arnold. Judges: Mr. Robert Burchfield, Dr. Ilya Gokham, Dr. Lynn Guhde. Facilitator: Katie Brewster.