Student Seminars & Essays

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Find your seminar below!

Please Note: You will be assigned one of these seminars and will be asked to read preparatory materials before attending. Be sure to follow the timeline for seminar placements and only attend the seminar to which you are assigned.

Timeline for seminar placements:

  • January 15: Look for your Seminar Preference Form in your email. You’ll receive an email asking you to rank your preferences by completing the Seminar Selection Form.
  • January 29: This is the deadline to submit your Seminar Selection Form!
  • February 5: Look for an email from us with Final Event Details and your seminar placement! Once you receive your seminar placement, follow the directions to review any suggested readings or material before the day of the event. The pre-review material will help you prepare for your seminar.