How To Prepare

You’ve registered for Scholarship Weekend. Now what?

Not registered yet? See details.

First Steps:

  • One month prior to the event: Look for your Seminar Preference Form in your email. You’ll receive an email asking you to rank your preferences by completing the Seminar Selection Form.
  • Two weeks prior to the event: This is the deadline to submit your Seminar Selection Form!
  • One week prior to the event: Look for an email from us with Final Event Details and your seminar placement! Once you receive your seminar placement, follow the directions to review any suggested readings or material before the day of the event. The pre-review material will help you prepare for your seminar.
  • Review your material. Take once last glance at the material for your seminar. Remember – no need to memorize or be an expert! You’ll just want to be familiar enough to engage in discussion.

The Day Before:

  • Check the schedule. Take a minute to review the schedule for the day and figure out which breakout sessions you would like to attend.

The Day of the Event:

  • Take a deep breath! Don’t stress. Be yourself, use your voice, and enjoy yourself! If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties, make sure to context us.
  • Need assistance? See our Help page to contact us by phone or text.