Alumni Interview

We Can’t Wait to Meet you!

Each Scholarship Weekend registrant will participate in a personal interview with a member of the Oglethorpe alumni or an Oglethorpe staff member! Interviews are required in order to be considered for a full-tuition scholarship.

Timeline & Overview:

More information coming soon!

Interview Tips:

  • Don’t stress! Seriously. Every year applicants tell us they were SO nervous before their interview. After the interview? We hear it was their favorite part of the process! The interview will just be a conversation and our alumni are so excited to get to know you. This is also your opportunity to learn more about OU and ask questions from members of the Oglethorpe community.
  • Have a question or two prepared. It’s good practice in every interview to have questions ready. Feel free to ask our alumni about how Oglethorpe shaped their career path or why they love the Stormy Petrel community.
  • Brag about yourself! Your interviewer will want to hear about your interests, your academic plans, and cool stuff you’ve been a part of at school and in your community. If you have specific goals, big dreams, and certain accomplishments you’re super proud of, make sure to mention them!